915A NW 19th Ave

Portland, OR 97209

Everyday 7A-8P



Hibiscus Cold Brew Soda

Surprisingly addictive, the hibiscus syrup in this drink adds a nice sweet acidity to our classic cold brew. Topped with a soda water.

$6.25 / 7.00

Orange Vanilla Latte

The perfect compliment to the warmer days, this latte has orange flower water, Ecuadorian vanilla and orange zest for a nice balance of floral and fruity.


Pistachio Latte

A refreshing twist on the pistachio latte with notes of citrus and honey.


Stroop Latte

Our most popular drink! Buttery caramel with a hint of cinnamon, makes this latte taste like melted caramel ice cream.


Vanilla Latte

Made fresh in-house with Ecuadorian vanilla pods.


Cardamom Latte

With herbal-like notes of eucalyptus, pepper, and mint, you will find yourself craving this latte again and again.


Hazelnut Latte

A little nutty, a little sweet, and has just a hint of saltiness. Topped with  cinnamon maple praline for good measure.


Cloudforest Mocha

Melted down Ecuadorian chocolate steamed together with milk.



$3.50 / 4.00 / 4.50

Cold Brew

$5.25 / 5.75

Espresso or Americano


Cappuccino or Latte



Additional Shot


Oatly, Almond Milk, Or Coconut Milk


Vanilla Syrup, Star Anise Syrup, Stroop sauce Or Honey




$4.75 / 5.25 / 5.75

Golden Milk

$4.75 / 5.25 / 5.75

Soul Chai

$4.75 / 5.25 / 5.75

Reset Adaptogenic Chai

Made with premium caffeine-free rooibos, organic spices 
and powerful adaptogens. Add honey for a little sweetness.

$5.00 / 5.50 / 6.00

Brown Sugar Jasmine Matcha

$5.25 / 5.75 / 6.25

Breakfast Blend

Blend of black teas with notes of honey.


Earl Grey

Black tea with notes of bright citrus and warmed sugar.


Dong Ding Oolong

Oolong tea with light floral components and rich caramel flavors.



Blend of green tea & roasted rice with soft notes of citrus.


Renew Herbal Blend

Caffeine-free blend of organic spearmint ashwagandha, astragalus, burdock root, orange peel.


HIbiscus Blend

Caffeine-free blend of local organic hibiscus, rose petal, anise hyssop.


Iced Peach Oolong

Subtle and slightly sweetened with Okinawa brown sugar, 
it’s the perfect summer refresher.


Iced HIbiscus Blend

Caffeine-free blend of local organic hibiscus, rose petal, anise hyssop.



Weekly Rotation

A female-focused wine curation, rotating bi-weekly.



Sweetheart Ham Breakfast Sandwich

Your classic high-low breakfast sandwich. Toasted english muffin with house-made grainy mustard, Olympia Provisions sweetheart ham, fluffy baked egg, and American cheese. Topped with fresh arugula.


Cashew Pesto Breakfast Sandwich

Toasted english muffin with our house-made cashew pesto, fluffy baked egg, and aged white cheddar. Topped with fresh arugula.


Romesco Breakfast sandwich

Toasted enligsh muffin with our house-made walnut romesco, fluffy baked egg, and aged white cheddar. Topped with fresh arugula.



Add Ham


Extra Cheese


Hot Sauce


Coconut Strawberry granola (V)

Our house-made granola is slightly sweet, slightly salty, and a little bit coconut-y. We add dried strawberries and roasted almonds for some extra texture. Comes with your choice of milk.


Chia Pudding

Creamy maple sweetened yogurt and chia seeds topped with our house-made strawberry granola.


Bowery Bagel

Sesame, Salt, and Everything.



Cream Cheese


White Bean Spread (V)




Ancho-Smoked Chex Mix (gf)

A savory blend of Chex cereal, pretzels, and nuts seasoned with ancho chili and smoked paprika.


Prosciutto Potato Chip Tower (gf)

Layers of sliced prosciutto and crispy potato chips, with buttery 
Castelvetrano olives, inspired by our friends EatSmallFood.


Baguette and Cultured Butter

A classic French baguette served with creamy, tangy cultured butter.


Tinned Mussels in Escabeche

Fresh mussels in a tangy escabeche with notes of vinegar, olive oil, 
and aromatic spices. Served with crusty baguette, cultured butter, 
piparra peppers, and a squeeze of lemon.


The Capicola

Toasted chiabata roll with butter, mozzarella, capicola, 
Mamas Lil’s peppers, and fresh arugula.


Just Chips

Because you’re snacky.


Just Olives

A nice side of Castelvetranos.