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Our mission is to foster curiosity in creating the best experience around coffee and wine.
Our Values

We constantly ask what’s better? How can we enhance our experience? This extends from our retail, down to our rotating selection of guests roasters and female-forward wineries. Our curiosity in searching for quality producers translates directly to how we enhance the experience for our customers — we offer quality and variety.


We aspire to make every co-worker and customer feel welcome. Everything we do requires team work. This includes everything from communication, covering shifts, or offering feedback to help improve the shop. All employees are valued, supported and nurtured irrespective of gender, sexual orientation or color.


When a customer comes into Prince they know they will be taken care of. We don’t cut corners on the ingredients we carry or hand anything out that is less than exceptional. We anticipate the needs of our guests and we move fast, whether it’s busy or not.


We trust each other. When we make a promise, we follow through. If we fail to deliver on that promise, we take responsibility for it. We acknowledge that we all make mistakes because we're human. The important thing is that we own our mistakes and learn from them.

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